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It’s been..more than a year since my last sentiment. And I just read my last post about a year ago or so.

As soon as I realized that I can always drive my own wheel, (my own life literally) I did make a lot of choices, best decisions and big moves this year.(2018).

I did spent the remaining months of 2017 moving on, moving forward, taking life, more quality time with my family, fooling around with my toys(actions figs) and still, learn learn learn new things in software development.

I was really broken the last time I made an article about how my life was going.

And what happened after that?

I TOOK RISK. Yes, I took so many risks.Like I valued myself and my family more than anything. I cared for my own happiness too much that I became naive and selfish to break rules. I took every chance I got to make myself happy. To relieve the pain. The pain that was never gone.

I also took some mobile development classes by the last quarter of 2017 with superdad. We spent the remaining months together at work doing machine repairs, updating digital signages and learning new  programming tutorials across the web.

First quarter of this year, I decided to look for a new job / company. I resigned on my first job of almost 4 years. It was really sad to part ways with my superior (superdad). We agreed to form our own on a year or so.

I was hired as a software developer on a local software company. I was really happy that finally I have something new to work with. I got friends there like I never had on the latter. I got a chance to be with a team.To argue with real test engineers that also became good friends. I was so enlightened to be with working with real software developers. I troubleshoot, debugged, enhanced client installed software that company owns. It was fun. I even rented a space  with my office mates in a condo nearby to accommodate my late nights overtime. It was my first time to be spending nights away from home. I enjoyed debugging stuffs the whole time. It was also my first time to join a team building.

It lasted for 4 months. I was asked by my uncle to join/ help him on a project from a near relative. It was for a gambling software and considering family issues and learning experience I can gain from it, I took it.

I resigned and gave up all the joys I had in that company. I have made friends there. They are great people too.

We started with the project with (my former dev mate-L to join with us). Freelancing is great but took almost all of our time. It was an unfavorable set up that shorten our freedom of being (call ourselves 20’s kids). We finished the first one which lasted for more than 2 months and tested and deployed in the province. I faced several family related issues, hardships of understanding the differences. There were also terrible days and moments that I just rather want to go home and sleep all day. We are well-paid but then, we lost freedom and we’re not happy.

Happy moments I can remember is that I learned to take care of myself,physically with the help of my dev-mate L. She was almost  a sister to me.  We talk about our lives and hardships while working. We can say we learned a lot with each other for month of being together. I gained skills in web development like she was in mobile development. PHP, javascript and other design paradigms. The software was deployed and in production now. I was still the admin for I dont know how long. The other project was still hanging and I am still doin’ improvements for it. I lot happened last October which resulted for us to part ways. We are in good terms with them and looking forward to have new projects with us.

I’ve learned many truths about life during these past year and so.Let’s include shutting off all my social media accounts and less association with toxic people.

1.Life may be tough sometimes but we should be able to stand up for ourselves and choose the right path. People will take advantage of you but you  will have to help them anyway.

2.You may love someone new but it doesn’t guarantee that they can love you like you love them..

3. The pain is never gone. It’s always been there. It may hurt you once those memories haunt you.

4. Family is the most important pillar of your life.

5. If you have too much and you just need enough, be kind enough to help others who are in need.

6. You still have to trust people in the process of life.

7. Dream big.Family is the best motivation.

8. Patience is really a virtue.

9. Career is most important in your 20’s.

10. Don’t be afraid to fall in and out of love again.

I can say I did learn a lot by TAKING RISKS. And I am not afraid to take more.

My dev-mate L came back in the corporate world as an android developer and today is her first day.I was really happy for her and her career .

I’ll be on my final interview tomorrow and hoping to get hired also. I’ve been praying to God to give me this opportunity as their System Developer.






Running MySQL Administrator and XAMPP Simultaneously -Tricks

This has been the issue that I’ve been trying to solve. I tried all the tutorials but nothing worked in my case. I decided to dig deeper because I will again, loath myself for not making this work. Since I am using XAMPP for my web development and Mysql Administrator for my .net development at work.. and it would be too much to access them on a separate PC or to manually stop and start the services . So this really has to work. Here we go:

First, I assume that you already changed the PORT on which MySQL will listen by default, it’s  3306. If not, you can refer to some tutorial on how to Change that port. They cannot listen to the same port so we need to change one. What I did with mine is changed xampp mysql to listen on port 3307. You can change that on the Config my.ini file. Others also change it on the php.ini file. It should look like this. You see that 3307 Port. 


Since the MySQL in  XAMPP is working, let’s leave it that way for now.

Next is to configure the MYSQL Administrator. If you already configured it the first time, we can still re configure it through Mysql Instance Config Wizard.

Reconfigure it then — this is what did the trick. Change the Service Name to anything other than MySQL.  For what I’ve noticed, everytime I uninstall the service of Mysql on Xampp, Mysql Administrator will not also work because they have the same SERVICE NAME!


Hence, it should look this way in Services list. Notice that both are already running. MySQL1 for MySQL admin and mysql for XAMPP.


Now, you can see them both running simultaneously and peacefully. 🙂  Hope this helps!


Here I go again. They say do not bury your dreams. My – I -WANT-TO -BE – A DOCTOR DREAM—

This bugs me. Early this strange but a big question.. WHY NOT? and everytime I think about it.. there’s this “BUT HOW???”

This is really..


ExecJS::ProgramError in Welcome#index – Ruby on Rails

This is my 5th day of my Ruby on rails. And early morning, I’ve been trying to find out the cure for this. And then I came across the solution.


In your /app/views/layouts/application.html.erb line 5 and 6, change the first parameter application to default. Credits to the Source.

This is going to be a happy day coding. 🙂


Ruby on Rails. Cannot connect to localhost://3000

I came across this error when I just finished the installation. I managed to start the server in cmd shell. But then, I cant seem to connect to localhost//:3000.

What did I do? This is for Windows.

  1. Go to Control Panel  – Windows Firewall – Advance Settings then Click “Inbound Rules”.Follow the screenshots below.
  2. I came to this solution because I think maybe a firewall is blocking or not allowing the access to PORT 3000.I am not sure but this is what I did in connecting MYSQL Server.

If done, restart the PC. Also check if you typed the correct Url. I think it should be localhost:3000 .

Then start the Command Prompt with Ruby and rails. Repeat the start server procedure,  >>site – cd (nameofproject) – (rails server) .


Happy Coding!



Ruby for this week.

I got tons of motivation to finish learning this language. Sounds fun. 🙂

Motivation.motivation please.

What’s inside my bag?(IT Professional’s Stuff.)

People are wondering how come I always bring such a lousy,big backpack everyday. This will be the first time in my life that I will reveal my personal stuffs. What should be inside my bag.? or who cares.

For those who are starting their careers as an IT professional, you should at least know what stuffs you should invest on to make things come in handy. First should be your BAG. Yes, it is very important to invest on a good quality backpack to accompany all your things. This is my new bag I bought on sale ..(Mackar). Mackar has a good quality features and the price is cheaper than any other brands in the market. It is also water resistant and comes with small pockets inside. I chose this style also to minimize snatcher’s attack and lessen my “praning (paranoid)moments.”

My new bag.

Let’s get inside. I took all my things out and took a photo of them.


A lil bit messy. But as you can see, almost all the stuffs that I need. From laptop to my alcohol.

  1. Laptop – isn’t it a bit scary if I don’t have a thing like this. My life would be miserable at best.
  2. USB HUB – Yes, I have this 7 port USB 2.0 hub I bought for only..hmm.I think less P500. I bought it on sale. This is really useful if I have multiple devices to plug all at the same time.
  3. Philips Fitdot MP3 Player –  I travel almost 100 km back and forth from home to my work everyday. And this comes really handy to me. Also can use for biking, rollerblading,jogging for it can be strap anywhere.
  4. ID – of all the things, this is one of the most important stuff that should be found inside your bag. Whatever happens to you, you have your personal identification.
  5. Laptop Lock Cable –  I never dreamed of losing my other half. My sister gave this to me last Christmas. Often used inside the cafe.
  6. Powerbank – Empty battery mobile phone is no longer an excuse because of this. This 20kmah powerbank keeps my devices charged even for a week.
  7. Flash / External Devices – Backing up my files should always be a priority of a software developer. Or anyone engage  in software development. This also keeps my movies, anime series, programs and other scripts.
  8. Personal LAN Cable – for me, everyone should have it. To also avoid crimping cables all the time. You should have your personal one.
  9. Mini Vacuum –  this is really, really one of the most important to me. As I hate seeing dust and bits of snacks on my keyboard. Keeps your laptop clean and neat.
  10. Cables, cables, cables – different cables of my different stuffs. Without them, my devices are dead.
  11. Mini Purse – this stores my mini flash drives to avoid having them misplaced.
  12. Flash light w/ Stun gun –  for my own protection..self defense. 🙂
  13. Mini USB LED Light –  I use this for late night the dark of course. 😛
  14. Little notebook –  I used this mainly to jot down my daily tasks and researched kali scripts.
  15. Ethyl Alcohol – keeps my hands sanitize.
  16. Mobile Phone –  This is my portal for the other people in my life.
  17. Wireless Mouse – it’s actually inside the case. Yes, you should have a wireless mouse everywhere you go.
  18. Personal Hygiene Kit – every programmer should not stink. Yes, save yourself in trouble by making yourself look good and fresh breath.

I guess this is all I can share for now. 🙂

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