Days are fast approaching. Can’t believe it’s almost April next week! Haven’t post anything for the last weeks. But I still..keep moving forward.along with the heartbreak.. almost at.. the acceptance stage of grief. I am digging so much in Javascript and PHP.. site is still continues.,and hey.. Codefights! From time to time, I always manage to take some. Still at Level 2 of Arcade. 🙂 But still..moving forward of course. I’m learning to strum new songs on the guitar at least 1 hour or any free time at home..if I’m not coding. It’s fun. I’m at client’s most of the time, assigned as one of the CSP for the cheque scanners that our company carry. Having a good time with the hardware side! And I think I’m getting fat.After I finish the site and get a good grasps at both PHP and JS, I’ll go with Jquery and Laravel.