Day 1.:

Hello! I’ll be documenting my step my step guide in building our Company’s website.

Starting from the basic, wire frames through HTML, CSS with Bootstrap, JavaScript and other fundamentals in developing a site.

  1. Creating the index.php  – the main page of the site. I first construct wire frames with The Grid System – Bootstrap.

I have here the following:

  1. Header (1 col) “header col-md-12”
  2. Navigation (2 cols) “header col-md-6”
  3. Slider  / Side bar Right (2 cols)  “header col-md-12”
  4. Footer (3 cols.) “header col-md-4”wireframe

Beware in putting too much border size. This happened when I put 2px on one grid.  Overlaps the other grid.


Snippets of my CSS and HTML code for wire frames.

divs css_divs