Happy February!

I’m done with my Web development course last week and now I’m back to work. I always find time to practice web dev at home or when my job doesn’t require to be taken home. It was actually a .net application., quite Far from web dev environment.

Lately I suffered from this thing called “</3”. I won’t elaborate any further but it just feels like.. an argument within a loop.. and it hurts recursively. Even so, it adds to my motivation to code more. Though I feel like a shattered method.. with undefined variables.. I just have to cheer myself up.Life goes on and so does my job.

Right now, I am continuing the development of a desktop app. The one that I’ve been digging holes with API’s because it’s a kind of a machine integrated program.

Particularly, it is from EPSON. With my web development class last week, I met OOP again. That was the first time I ever appreciated OOP more than before. Though I use some of its method. That OOP throw back class was an effective wake up call or should I say, “hey, follow the standards!”.

There are three goals that I have in mind to finish by March. A-B test not included.

  1. To apply the IQA measures upon scanning. Though there were default values, what client’s preferred output should be prioritized.
  2. To apply the printing of username while scanning of checks.
  3. To put the double detected checks (MICR) to reject pocket which I’ve been working for weeks now.

Or I will loath myself if I wasn’t able to do those three.