Happy New Year. It’s been so long since my last post. Yes. It’s 2017. And I am still coding, understanding APIs, implementing ideas, logical steps for something to work.

It is the time when I’d stop and think, why is it so long for me to accomplish something. Is it that hard? Am I procrastinating that much…or am I losing interest.Setting my mood is a challenge. I don’t know. I am developing a new system.. certain requirements.. I’ve been digging with the API’s of this machine to make it work. I knew to myself that it is not that simple to understand.. Since I’ve been doing this for almost three consecutive years.  Other things bother me ..emotionally.mentally. I’ve been trying to draw motivations..until now. I’ve been debugging this for months now.The fact that it is not something you can google off or no forum to get some help with. I think I will break this F11 on my keyboard. I know I still need a lot of time for this. Hardest part is, I will be learning new programming language for 4 days.. starting tomorrow. (my boss required me to.)

I will do my best.Maybe I will start off with personal, emotional issues that bugs me lately. I am writing this, so when that day comes , I can look back and say that I didn’t quit. I may get tired with this profession but I can always stand up.