Lately…I’ve been day dreaming a lot. Wondering all about my dreams. And every time, I feel motivated then..there’s always these Hows.. It may sound like I’m chasing after success.. but I don’t practice that method. Believing everything will happen and fall into place ..i guess is enough for my thinking. But is it like.. I am running out of time. 😦  Then at the other corner of my says.. believe in yourself and work hard.

Maybe because I feel a little bit dizzy and sick now. It was  a bad rain this morning and I did hope I can go home early today. 😦  I woke up at 3am to finish the remaining requirements and code other functionalities for our demo this morning and test the hardware. It went well and now I’m back with a masterpiece that I’ve been investing my time with. When I am designing a UI..seems like every thing distracts me. And now I end up looking for a house and lots and condos for sale online. and I was like..”that expensive?””it cost a lot!”.. this is insane. Then the positive brain response told me to write this here so someday if I have that house and lot that Ive been dreaming… I will laugh at myself for not believing in myself.