People are wondering how come I always bring such a lousy,big backpack everyday. This will be the first time in my life that I will reveal my personal stuffs. What should be inside my bag.? or who cares.

For those who are starting their careers as an IT professional, you should at least know what stuffs you should invest on to make things come in handy. First should be your BAG. Yes, it is very important to invest on a good quality backpack to accompany all your things. This is my new bag I bought on sale ..(Mackar). Mackar has a good quality features and the price is cheaper than any other brands in the market. It is also water resistant and comes with small pockets inside. I chose this style also to minimize snatcher’s attack and lessen my “praning (paranoid)moments.”

My new bag.

Let’s get inside. I took all my things out and took a photo of them.


A lil bit messy. But as you can see, almost all the stuffs that I need. From laptop to my alcohol.

  1. Laptop – isn’t it a bit scary if I don’t have a thing like this. My life would be miserable at best.
  2. USB HUB – Yes, I have this 7 port USB 2.0 hub I bought for only..hmm.I think less P500. I bought it on sale. This is really useful if I have multiple devices to plug all at the same time.
  3. Philips Fitdot MP3 Player –  I travel almost 100 km back and forth from home to my work everyday. And this comes really handy to me. Also can use for biking, rollerblading,jogging for it can be strap anywhere.
  4. ID – of all the things, this is one of the most important stuff that should be found inside your bag. Whatever happens to you, you have your personal identification.
  5. Laptop Lock Cable –  I never dreamed of losing my other half. My sister gave this to me last Christmas. Often used inside the cafe.
  6. Powerbank – Empty battery mobile phone is no longer an excuse because of this. This 20kmah powerbank keeps my devices charged even for a week.
  7. Flash / External Devices – Backing up my files should always be a priority of a software developer. Or anyone engage  in software development. This also keeps my movies, anime series, programs and other scripts.
  8. Personal LAN Cable – for me, everyone should have it. To also avoid crimping cables all the time. You should have your personal one.
  9. Mini Vacuum –  this is really, really one of the most important to me. As I hate seeing dust and bits of snacks on my keyboard. Keeps your laptop clean and neat.
  10. Cables, cables, cables – different cables of my different stuffs. Without them, my devices are dead.
  11. Mini Purse – this stores my mini flash drives to avoid having them misplaced.
  12. Flash light w/ Stun gun –  for my own protection..self defense. 🙂
  13. Mini USB LED Light –  I use this for late night the dark of course. 😛
  14. Little notebook –  I used this mainly to jot down my daily tasks and researched kali scripts.
  15. Ethyl Alcohol – keeps my hands sanitize.
  16. Mobile Phone –  This is my portal for the other people in my life.
  17. Wireless Mouse – it’s actually inside the case. Yes, you should have a wireless mouse everywhere you go.
  18. Personal Hygiene Kit – every programmer should not stink. Yes, save yourself in trouble by making yourself look good and fresh breath.

I guess this is all I can share for now. 🙂