I just want to share my simple yet powerful function of converting your hidden text to binary format. I know this sounds strange or st$pid. As they say, there 10 types of people..those who understand binary and those who don’t. There’s also a BIF in python..to convert numbers to binary.. the bin().. but hey..it won’t convert text. So I tried to figure it out. I know this really sounds easy for some..but pardon me..i’m a beginner.

I used to keep a diary since I was young.i was in my first year hschool when I learned about binaries. Pretty interesting. And now I’m digging holes in python. I think maybe this is the best example of a simple dictionary..mixed with loops.so much for that. I even added parameters for spaces..but not all punctuation.Now you can easily convert your well hidden notes to something not all silly creatures will understand.


This is my output.

My output
My output

You should also check this out.Python Samples¬†.. i saw a sample program regarding binary to decimal. Much simple.but then I pre defined my set of alphabets ..and that’s the difference.

now deploy it to your desktop.now.run this code.