I was walking inside a bookstore last night. I was about to look for some anime/manga books..for Naruto characters..the one which is out of stock in filbars glorietta.But then.why can’t I help to stare at you?WHY:(

There are times when I really wanna give up on you. That I should perhaps forget about aiming you. Do you really want imagesme to still aim to reach you? To achieve you. I don’t know. 😦

Results of your last medical exam..stunned me. Oh.. I wanna wear that white gown/coat. Hang that cold silver steel aroung my neck.. put something urgent sign in my car. “M.D Do not delay” .

It was my long time dream.TO BE A DOCTOR. But how. I think I’m stocked with my codes. Who would think that a Software developer somewhat wants to be a doctor.a surgeon.

Maybe I will sure find a way..without quitting software programming.My problem was..there’s so many things I wanna do.Thinking time won’t be enough.

I do hope that someday. that I will blog my first day in Medschool..my first internship..my passing on NMAT..my first residency..my passing score in Med exam..and how my white coat fits me.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚