The feeling is ..null? Overloaded resolution.Out of bounds. 🙂

Last February 3, I deployed my first ever designed, coded, built, debugged software.
The fact that I shopped for a new top will obviously define how excited I was. I wasn’t able to sleep the night before. I can’t explain why. Maybe people out there who had the same experience as me will know. I compiled the feeling of excitement,fear,happiness on my mind that time.

Installing a software for a bank client has never been easy.of course. Strong system security. Every move we take, PASSWORD.PASSWORD. But I understand. That’s the way it was supposed to be.

No software is PERFECT on it’s first deployment. As I have my agile principle,

“No one knows what they want until they see it. Once they see it, they will want to change it.

At best, large projects will be challenged, at worst, they will fail.

I expected that they will still have bugs.of course.. I carefully noted all unwanted / unexpected bugs. They were few. I manage to fix them a week after.

All I can say.. “ganun pala yung feeling.” though that I wasn’t the one who started coding the software.(special credits to our former programmer).He said, a software has no worth pag di na deploy”. I did everything para di masayang yung sinimulan mo. The achievement goes for you too..
I’m proud to have finished it.Though i’m just a jr.programmer. To have rebuild it my own way.I have complied to all the requirements that must be met. I have put my best effort for that.for months.. Re designing, coding,debugging, testing,documentation. I felt fulfilled. THough i might shift to Java development this year..I will always love .NET. I have learned a lot from this.I’m wishing for more projects.Thank you for my mentors.

UAT is still in progress. I’m still waiting for more feedbacks.