I made this simple text messaging concept . Very simple. I only used saving and retrieving data from the database,(Mysql).

You can do this yourself for not more than 2 hours.

Features include Phone book(Contacts), Inbox, New Message(create new message), Sent Items and Maintenance for contacts and others.

The main purpose of this program is to understand the concept of text messaging. Though standalone, this shows how data flows when the user send messages and how the receiver receives the message through simple queries coming from the database.I got this gif image from web and made it as my splash screen..I named this Globe..because I’m a globe subscriber.:)

splash screen

I’m not  done with the Log in so I cannot include it yet. But it should be next after the splash screen. Here’s my simple main menu..not fully furnished but I made it possible to show existing contacts.

The sidebar for the menus. Create new message form..There’s combobox..don’t worry. i used Autocomplete with that..(in case you have hundreds in your contacts.) Once you entered the contact name..a query will show the number automatically.Compose the message then SEND.

main menu

new message

This is how my database looks like. Messy.


Then the Inbox.                          inbox

Simply shows the sender’s name, message and date/time sent.

My plan is to make each contact their own user accounts so it will really look like they have their own cellphones. haha.I’m just having fun.