Obtaining knowledge is infinite.

At the age of four, I was enlightened with the glory of using computers. As far as I could remember, back then, it was a humpy white monitor (CRT) and white dusty keyboard that I first learned how to type my whole name, my favorite song and played chess..

At that time, I have no idea about programming, or any other programming languages.. I never questioned how or who developed Windows or how they built such computer memory chips , I just thought how genius whoever they call Bill Gates was..I don’t care at all.

I was in freshman high school year when I sailed through the waves of the World Wide Web. Joining social media..(friendster,myspace. etc) became my favorite hobby. Customizing my layouts by pasting codes…code that I never thought I could learn someday. I had fun learning how to copy, paste files from the internet and searching/ downloading my favorites tracks through different media sites. I became addicted to the fact that I was so blessed that this thing exists.

We don’t own a personal computer that time and I pay rents on computer shops.There were only few who can afford internet connections. Years after, when it really became a necessity to enhanced our school projects and conduct thorough research..my sister bought my first ever personal computer…lower processor core2duo but at least LCD monitor and more functional keyboard and mouse. I became more addicted to social media..and most of all, blogging. I used to blog my everyday thoughts.Unfortunately I forgot my password on my last personal blog (Livejournal.)I also became addicted to online games RPG’s. I love to customize my blog layout by choosing snappy themes…pasting URL’s, music player codes that I get on some sites. I became interested in web designing..I realized that there’ more beyond choosing a nice theme, I have to find out how it’s done! That was the time when staying home with my computer is always the best day ever.

With that addiction, I took Information Technology in college. My sister sent me to one of the best IT schools here in the Philippines. I learned that information technology is not all about web designing..it doesn’t mainly focus on how the internet was built. It’s about everything I never thought I am capable of learning. Every semester..I learned new ways on How to do that..how to do this..about networking, database theories..stacks..the binaries and hexas.batch files..the AND gates.logic design and switching.. I became tired and realized I want to be something I have no idea I could ever be..like I want a different field of learning, but I don’t know how.I left that as my greatest ambition.for me to do that..I have to pursue with Software Engineering. 🙂

Not only because my professor and I share the same birth date.. I just thought maybe software engineering can lead me somewhere. I threw most my attention on building simple desktop applications using Visual Studio(Vb.net) also for the fulfillment of our chosen thesis project.

I became distant to web programming. I chose to dig more on offline applications..spent late nights trying to figure out how to code. Understanding loops, debugging and compiling all day.

I passed all my requirement in college and graduated last year. I spent my summer learning more on programming as preparation for my job applications. I have programmed my life as if I were God. To graduate in college, to be a programmer,earn and leave me the rest.

God is so good that he’s like giving me some freebies. I don’t know if my Law of Attraction is really working for me. I became a Jr.programmer a month after summer ended. I felt so lucky. Most graduates of the same field find it hard to get a job as mine…as a fresh graduate.I can say that no matter how..no matter why..you must really believe on what you want to happen in your life. Right now,, I can say everything I have imagined before is really happening to me. Like I have an Indian boss (indian’s are my idol when it comes to programming.), Gray laptop issued for me..a salary that can buy all my techie stuffs.being able to attend to microsoft trainings.etc..

I was so blessed to have the best office mates..mentors everyday at work. I traveled 42km from home to office. Everyday, I spend all day in the office learning new things..about programming, networking…general knowledge..

I have the best mentor who challenge me to do beyond what I can do.. Googling things is not enough without programming skills. With that,I can say that I became better that I was before. 🙂

I don’t know how far this programming career can take me..but one thing’s for sure..I fell inlove with programming. I still have other bigger dreams but I won’t quit in programming. Right now.. I’m downloading tutorials about nosql(mongodb), and hoping to learn more on android applications.

For new programmers out there..don’t quit. Do beyond what you think you can. Watch tutorials, download PDF’s.. build any application..challenge yourselves. Practice patience. I haven’t done something big for you to be proud of but I became better with these methods. There’s no harm in trying. 🙂