I have created a program(for banking purposes) and I’m currently  been doing its deployment package and numerous test case scenarios.Lately, when my mentor and I were doing a test case on it’s installation to another PC..(Windows XP, 7) there was an error on the driver specified..the main issue here is how to adapt your currently installed version of mysql odbc (3.51, 5.1,5.0 etc..) to the version of the application you are installing.In my case, i declared the default version through code that’s why I encountered this bug.

This is how I solved the issue.It sounds easy but I honestly spent hours to figure it out.

for wordpress

First, you should not declare any MySQL ODBC version in your global connectionstring codes. I did a little remedy by just adding a label to the startup form that will hold the value of the MySQL ODBC version…I googled on how to search for MySql version on registry. Then declared a global variable for the searched version…simple as that. 🙂

Hope this helps.