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Acceptance Stage

Days are fast approaching. Can’t believe it’s almost April next week! Haven’t post anything for the last weeks. But I still..keep moving forward.along with the heartbreak.. almost at.. the acceptance stage of grief. I am digging so much in Javascript and PHP.. site is still continues.,and hey.. Codefights! From time to time, I always manage to take some. Still at Level 2 of Arcade. 🙂 But still..moving forward of course. I’m learning to strum new songs on the guitar at least 1 hour or any free time at home..if I’m not coding. It’s fun. I’m at client’s most of the time, assigned as one of the CSP for the cheque scanners that our company carry. Having a good time with the hardware side! And I think I’m getting fat.After I finish the site and get a good grasps at both PHP and JS, I’ll go with Jquery and Laravel.

Re-Building my Company’s Site

Day 1.:

Hello! I’ll be documenting my step my step guide in building our Company’s website.

Starting from the basic, wire frames through HTML, CSS with Bootstrap, JavaScript and other fundamentals in developing a site.

  1. Creating the index.php  – the main page of the site. I first construct wire frames with The Grid System – Bootstrap.

I have here the following:

  1. Header (1 col) “header col-md-12”
  2. Navigation (2 cols) “header col-md-6”
  3. Slider  / Side bar Right (2 cols)  “header col-md-12”
  4. Footer (3 cols.) “header col-md-4”wireframe

Beware in putting too much border size. This happened when I put 2px on one grid.  Overlaps the other grid.


Snippets of my CSS and HTML code for wire frames.

divs css_divs

Running MySQL Administrator and XAMPP Simultaneously -Tricks

This has been the issue that I’ve been trying to solve. I tried all the tutorials but nothing worked in my case. I decided to dig deeper because I will again, loath myself for not making this work. Since I am using XAMPP for my web development and Mysql Administrator for my .net development at work.. and it would be too much to access them on a separate PC or to manually stop and start the services . So this really has to work. Here we go:

First, I assume that you already changed the PORT on which MySQL will listen by default, it’s  3306. If not, you can refer to some tutorial on how to Change that port. They cannot listen to the same port so we need to change one. What I did with mine is changed xampp mysql to listen on port 3307. You can change that on the Config my.ini file. Others also change it on the php.ini file. It should look like this. You see that 3307 Port. 


Since the MySQL in  XAMPP is working, let’s leave it that way for now.

Next is to configure the MYSQL Administrator. If you already configured it the first time, we can still re configure it through Mysql Instance Config Wizard.

Reconfigure it then — this is what did the trick. Change the Service Name to anything other than MySQL.  For what I’ve noticed, everytime I uninstall the service of Mysql on Xampp, Mysql Administrator will not also work because they have the same SERVICE NAME!


Hence, it should look this way in Services list. Notice that both are already running. MySQL1 for MySQL admin and mysql for XAMPP.


Now, you can see them both running simultaneously and peacefully. 🙂  Hope this helps!


When world is falling apart, cheer up and code.

Happy February!

I’m done with my Web development course last week and now I’m back to work. I always find time to practice web dev at home or when my job doesn’t require to be taken home. It was actually a .net application., quite Far from web dev environment.

Lately I suffered from this thing called “</3”. I won’t elaborate any further but it just feels like.. an argument within a loop.. and it hurts recursively. Even so, it adds to my motivation to code more. Though I feel like a shattered method.. with undefined variables.. I just have to cheer myself up.Life goes on and so does my job.

Right now, I am continuing the development of a desktop app. The one that I’ve been digging holes with API’s because it’s a kind of a machine integrated program.

Particularly, it is from EPSON. With my web development class last week, I met OOP again. That was the first time I ever appreciated OOP more than before. Though I use some of its method. That OOP throw back class was an effective wake up call or should I say, “hey, follow the standards!”.

There are three goals that I have in mind to finish by March. A-B test not included.

  1. To apply the IQA measures upon scanning. Though there were default values, what client’s preferred output should be prioritized.
  2. To apply the printing of username while scanning of checks.
  3. To put the double detected checks (MICR) to reject pocket which I’ve been working for weeks now.

Or I will loath myself if I wasn’t able to do those three.

It’s 2017, I am still coding.I am still Procrastinating. Is this really for me?

Happy New Year. It’s been so long since my last post. Yes. It’s 2017. And I am still coding, understanding APIs, implementing ideas, logical steps for something to work.

It is the time when I’d stop and think, why is it so long for me to accomplish something. Is it that hard? Am I procrastinating that much…or am I losing interest.Setting my mood is a challenge. I don’t know. I am developing a new system.. certain requirements.. I’ve been digging with the API’s of this machine to make it work. I knew to myself that it is not that simple to understand.. Since I’ve been doing this for almost three consecutive years.  Other things bother me ..emotionally.mentally. I’ve been trying to draw motivations..until now. I’ve been debugging this for months now.The fact that it is not something you can google off or no forum to get some help with. I think I will break this F11 on my keyboard. I know I still need a lot of time for this. Hardest part is, I will be learning new programming language for 4 days.. starting tomorrow. (my boss required me to.)

I will do my best.Maybe I will start off with personal, emotional issues that bugs me lately. I am writing this, so when that day comes , I can look back and say that I didn’t quit. I may get tired with this profession but I can always stand up.

and it feels like I’m running out of time for my dreams to come true..

Lately…I’ve been day dreaming a lot. Wondering all about my dreams. And every time, I feel motivated then..there’s always these Hows.. It may sound like I’m chasing after success.. but I don’t practice that method. Believing everything will happen and fall into place ..i guess is enough for my thinking. But is it like.. I am running out of time. 😦  Then at the other corner of my says.. believe in yourself and work hard.

Maybe because I feel a little bit dizzy and sick now. It was  a bad rain this morning and I did hope I can go home early today. 😦  I woke up at 3am to finish the remaining requirements and code other functionalities for our demo this morning and test the hardware. It went well and now I’m back with a masterpiece that I’ve been investing my time with. When I am designing a UI..seems like every thing distracts me. And now I end up looking for a house and lots and condos for sale online. and I was like..”that expensive?””it cost a lot!”.. this is insane. Then the positive brain response told me to write this here so someday if I have that house and lot that Ive been dreaming… I will laugh at myself for not believing in myself.





Here I go again. They say do not bury your dreams. My – I -WANT-TO -BE – A DOCTOR DREAM—

This bugs me. Early this strange but a big question.. WHY NOT? and everytime I think about it.. there’s this “BUT HOW???”

This is really..


ExecJS::ProgramError in Welcome#index – Ruby on Rails

This is my 5th day of my Ruby on rails. And early morning, I’ve been trying to find out the cure for this. And then I came across the solution.


In your /app/views/layouts/application.html.erb line 5 and 6, change the first parameter application to default. Credits to the Source.

This is going to be a happy day coding. 🙂


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